Optical Internet

UFone Optical Internet

Experience dedicated, symmetrical speeds with professional support and enterprise-grade service level agreements.


A Reliable, Dedicated Network Is Built on Reliable, Dedicated Service

In addition to our service performance guarantees, you'll also have access to 24/7 support from a dedicated team. We monitor our Ufone owned equipment and networks from our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center to proactively resolve issues and respond with expert service if problems do arise.
Simple Solutions for Complex Needs

When your business is data-intensive, Ufone Optical Internet offers a dedicated bandwidth with symmetrical upload and download speeds, so you can be sure information is delivered quickly and efficiently. Optical Internet also includes these powerful features:

Ethernet handoff. Ufone will deliver the circuit with an Ethernet Interface​.

IPV4 and IPV6. Our familiarity with both protocols means a seamless switch to IPV6 for Ufone Business customers.

Static IPs. Allows you to host your own file or FTP server and more.

Classless Inter-Domain Routing Blocks. Facilitates routing of IP addresses for seamless connections.

Burstable Billing. For brief periods of heavy usage, there’s no financial penalty. Just pay for bandwidth used.