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Business Phone Lines

Your business depends on phone service to make calls, process credit cards and connect alarm systems. VoiceManagerâ„  integrates with your existing phone equipment and allows you to manage and redirect calls with convenient online tools whether at your business or away.

1View Features Included in All Plans
Online Management Tools. Manage your phone system features anywhere you have Internet access.

VoiceManager Toolbar. Desktop application that allows for easy call management.

Call Forwarding. Three settings: always, busy or no answer.

Call Return. Return missed calls with the touch of a button.

Call Transfer. Quickly pass callers to the correct party.

Caller ID Name and Number. Know the caller before you answer.

Call Waiting. Catch important calls even when you are on another call.

Last Number Redial. Connect quickly to recent incoming or outgoing calls.

Three-Way Calling. Merge calls and share information among three parties.

Call Notify. Calls you at any specified number when a message has been left in your mailbox.

Remote Office. Gives the appearance you're calling from your office line, even when you're calling from home, mobile or out of town (included in Enhanced and Unlimited Plans; optional add-on feature in Essential Plan).
2View Features for Enhanced & Unlimited Plans
The Enhanced Plan and Unlimited Plan include additional features to help you work more productively and provide a better experience for your customers:

Selective Call Forwarding. Select which calls will be sent to another phone when you are on a call or away from your desk.

Simultaneous Ring. Lets incoming calls ring to up to 10 phone numbers at the same time to speed up call answering.

Priority Alert. Creates a special ring for calls from selected numbers.

Hold Music/Message. Use music or custom messaging to entertain and educate customers while they are on hold.

Anonymous Call Rejection. Blocks calls from telemarketers and other unlisted or unrecognized numbers.

Call Park / Call Pickup. Lets you put calls on hold and resume on a different phone.

Do Not Disturb. Reduce interruptions by having calls go directly into voice mail.

Call Accept/Reject. Program your phone to accept or reject calls from a predetermined list.

Hunting. Make sure incoming calls are always answered by setting this rollover feature across multiple phones (one per customer).

Auto Attendant. Create an automated receptionist with personalized messages to answer the phone or route calls to the appropriate party (one per customer).


Make Calls and Manage Features

You don't need to switch between phone and computer. Our online VoiceManager Toolbar lets you place and answer calls without leaving your computer screen. You can also forward calls, access call logs and create directories with a click-to-call capability.

Manage your calling features online. Our convenient MyAccount Web portal lets you update recordings, change hunt settings and manage employee access from your computer screen whether you're at your desk or away from the office.

Update your status remotely. Use any phone to update your personal status to In Office, Out of Office or Busy with our Voice Portal. You can also activate or deactivate call forwarding, as well as manage features such as employee access.

Avoid Disruptions to Your Phone Service

Maintained and supported. Our phone services are fully hosted by Ufone Business professionals and across our private, fiber-based network which means we protect your phone system and business information, and maximize service availability for you and your company.

Disaster recovery. If you're unable to access your building due to an emergency or disaster, our management tools let you remotely access your VoiceManager features by phone or online, to improve your access to services while recovering from a disaster.

Protect your business from unexpected repair costs. Purchase a Ufone Business Service Assurance Plan and we'll help protect you from unexpected costs to repair inside wiring issues. We'll dispatch an experienced Ufone technician to diagnose and fix your phone system fast.