Business Internet

UFone Business Internet

An Internet service built for business, with flexible plans that fit your business needs and dedicated support teams that make your productivity their priority.

How Much Does Your Internet Really Cost?

From unplanned downtime to inefficient workarounds, unreliable Internet has real costs. When you're ready for reliability, choose Cox Business Internet.


Access Anywhere in Your Office
Expand your Ufone Business InternetSM access wirelessly across your business. Our Internet Gateway lets employees use laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers and more at the same speeds as desktop users.

Separate Connections for Guests
Guest WiFi provides a separate network just for guests without sacrificing your employee bandwidth. Supported 24/7, our Guest WiFi is also PCI-compliant, ensuring guest traffic is separate from employee traffic.

WiFi Access on the Go
When your employees are on the road, WiFi access is essential. Many of our Ufone Business InternetSM plans offer mobile access to our nationwide WiFi hotspot network.

With more than 400,000 hotspots, finding a network is simple — and lets you avoid data usage costs from your cellphone wireless carrier.

With qualifying plans, your employees can each connect up to three devices at a time. Simply sign in with your MyAccount username and password, and access the Internet at no added cost.
Promote your business. Strengthen your email communications by using your branded business name.

Storage that scales. Send and receive messages as large as 30 MB, and store up to 2 GB of messages per email account. Easily add mailboxes as your business expands up to 60 total.

Anywhere access. You'll always have access to our online administration management tool, so your business email follows anywhere you go.

Protection working for you. Your business email comes with Anti-Spam Filtering and Anti-Virus technology. And security updates are performed automatically, so you don’t have to worry about manual updates.
Peace of Mind Made Easy

Data security and backup can be a headache. But it's hardly your top priority. That's why we bundle a Security Suite and Online Backup with most Ufone Business InternetSM plans. Our integrated solution puts an end to keeping track of software and hardware renewals, checking individual computers for their current level of protection and taxing your IT resources.

You can manage the Ufone Security Suite and Online Backup anywhere you have an Internet connection — right from your Ufone Business MyAccount portal. View multiple accounts, user history and backup statistics. You can also purchase additional security licenses and backup space to scale data protection as your business grows.
Static IP Pricing Options

Static IP addresses work best if you use your computer as a server or if your business runs one or more Web, email, FTP or DNS servers. One Static IP address is included in most Business Internet packages, and additional addresses can be added for a low monthly cost. To determine how many Static IP addresses your business needs, contact a Ufone Business Representative.
Dedicated to Your Business

Ufone Business InternetSM gives you the benefit of dedicated, customer focused representatives. We support your business with skillful service 24 hours a day, every day of the year. From setup to security, we work to meet your needs as you and your bandwidth requirements grow customizing and integrating the ideal Internet solutions to ensure reliable, uninterrupted connections. As a Ufone Business customer, you're always our first priority, which means our representatives keep you up and running and respond to service issues without delay.